Haruki Marakami: Realistic Fantasist?

Embed from Getty Images

Halloween must have gotten in my way (ahem… excuses, excuses)!

In any event, it is high time I add Shawna’s Presentation Summary of an author perfect to be introduced on Halloween — or anytime: Haruki Marakami.

Mr. Marakami is a contemporary Japanese author of surreal fiction. Shawna described a classic Murakami story: A Japanese “everyman”, often single, who doesn’t quite fit into society, who will encounter a fantastic situation, such as a secret underground laboratory, a man possessed by a malevolent sheep, a man who can talk to cats. The protagonist never doubts the existence of the fantastic things but is skeptical about the real world.

Intrigued? We were!

Click here for more on this fascinating author!

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