The Glass Castle, the movie

We have an in-house expert on Jeannette Walls and her memoir, The Glass Castle! Before or after you catch this film, link to Mary’s Presentation Summary to gain insights into the author and her life. If you haven’t thought about going, this may convince you to go. An amazing story and life.

CWLC Presentation on Jeannette Walls

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Can Icelandic survive?

Photo of lone house in Iceland

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You might ask why the Calgary Women’s Literary Club would be interested! However, a surprising number of our club members have inherited our forebears’ genes that place literacy and education above pretty much everything.

That includes me, CWLC webmaster! So how could I resist not sharing a fascinating National Post article, forwarded by Flora, on how the supremacy of English in all things digital is undermining the Icelandic language. And, of course, I must include a breathtaking photo! (How did people survive?)

Happy reading, happy August!

Janet Halls

Can the Icelandic language survive?

Circle Sept 28 on your calendars to meet author Gail Bowen

This is the first of two reminders about a special meeting on Thursday, September 28 with our friend Gail Bowen as guest speaker. Once again, Gail asked if she could include the CWLC in another book tour promoting her latest novel, The Winner’s Circle, and I was able to accept her offer enthusiastically.

Gail will speak to us and give readings from her new book on Thursday, September 28 starting at our usual time of 2:00 p.m. and in our usual room on the lower level of Memorial Park Library. I know we always have plenty to chat about after our long summer break, so please try to arrive around 1:30 p.m. for coffee or tea and treats.

Gail is always amenable to a good discussion, so please think of some interesting questions that will promote a lively conversation. Copies of her new book will be available for purchase and Gail is usually kind enough to sign them.

Margaret Sparkes


Jane Austen and Harper Lee


Photo by Sam Wheeler on Unsplash

Having enjoyed two incredible presentations on these authors last year by Margaret and Cecilia, it was interesting to read two newspaper articles:

Unique Glimpse of Harper Lee by Will Lester, Calgary Herald, July 15, 2017, describes a new book called Mockingbird Songs, by Wayne Flynt (Harper Collins).

Today (July 18, 2017) in the National Post there’s an interesting article, A roof of one’s own: The Residences and Nascent Feminism of Jane Austen by Sharon Lindores. It is based on speakers taking part in a bicentenary celebration of Jane Austen.

If you haven’t, remember to check out our own experts:

Jane Austen

Nelle Harper Lee

Happy summer reading!



CWLC President’s Report 2017

There is no surer sign of Spring in Calgary than the first flowers we see! It’s also the time for the CWLC President to review the past Fall and Spring Season,. Margaret Sparkes has eloquently recapped our 2016-17 season. Your Webmaster will also archive it under the website page, Our History.

Was there anything that stood out for you this last year? Let us know!

CWLC President’s Report 2017

Special offer for CWLC members to attend Barbara Gowdy’s event May 18

Our friends at WordFest are extending an offer to our members! Barbara Gowdy is in Calgary on May 18 with her new book, Little Sister. If you are a CWLC member, please contact to take advantage of their offer.

For anyone:

Visit WordFest for event details

“With Little Sister, without a doubt Gowdy renews her reputation as one of Canada’s most innovative writers…. Gowdy’s descriptions of Rose occupying Harriet while retaining her own consciousness are remarkably similar to what it is, in the most magical moments of writing, to embody a character.” —Zoe Whittall, Literary Review of Canada, Barbara Gowdy