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As I am in the throes of finishing my presentation for this Tuesday, I am truly experiencing our “Book Club with a Difference!” That is, I have 8 books which have now been on my kitchen table for weeks, along with the computer. These books are marked up with stickies (Library books) or marked excessively with a yellow highlighter (my collection). I’m lucky it’s only 8:  Flora recently presented Orson Scott Card with a body of work of over 70 books. She had personally read over 40 and brought them to her presentation! [Rest assured: 4 to 5 books suffice for a presentation to the Club.] In spite of the hours spent reading, researching, re-reading and composing my talk, I know I have gained hugely by the effort. My knowledge of an author, normally based on what the cover states, is now in-depth. I have found out fascinating things about Italy in modern times. I have looked at these books to try to understand the craft of writing. Had I not been presenting this author, I would have still loved reading the books, but now the experience is in technicolor, not in black & white.

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Rich presentations are what this Club is all about, and both presenters and audience are the winners. You will gain a broader reading list, guaranteed!

The 2018-19 season beginning October will open up literature’s treasure trove of “Humour, Irony, and Satire”. Mary has collected a surprising list of the most diverse authors imaginable, for us all, and particularly as a guide to those to be presenting. How lucky you will be to pick “your own” author (from Mary’s list or your own choice) and share your insights with those of us who are lucky enough to be in the audience!  And as for stage fright? Of course, we all have it! But a kinder more receptive audience one cannot find. In other words, please sign up for next season’s slate, especially if you haven’t presented within the last two years!

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  1. Janet, you have expressed my feelings so eloquently around the process of preparing a presentation for CWLC. After the presentation, there’s a sense of loss after devoting so much time to the project. And “What do I do now….maybe clean the house?”

  2. Well said,Janet!!! Such a cogent description of what makes our meetings so rewarding to both presenter and recipients of the presentation. Thank you ! Lillian

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