Join Us

Due to current Covid restrictions, we do not plan to meet until our Fall session, October 2020. However, if you are interested in joining us when we reopen, please CONTACT US HERE anytime. We can then reconnect with you as we firm up plans.

We welcome guests! If you are interested in:

  • attending a presentation that’s of specific interest to you,
  • checking us out as a potential member, or
  • joining our Club

please fill out the form on our Contact Page.

READY TO JOIN? Our membership fee is $40.00 a year, and regular attendance is expected (special leave or absence granted).  All members are expected to present a paper every two years on an author whose work relates to the year’s literary theme. Our main requisite is a love of literature!

You will be contacted by our Membership Chair and invited to attend a meeting of the Club.  We welcome any and all interested guests to find out more about us.

6 thoughts on “Join Us

    • Sandra, my sincere apologies for not having thought to update our website information since this blasted Covid has turned things topsy-turvy. I have corrected the website. We do hope to return to normal programming in October 2020. Janet Halls, Webmaster


  1. I would like to join your group. However, we are closed in because of the heavy snowfall. I live in a condo complex and the snow isn’t removed until the snow stops falling. I am interested in joining your group and would like to be notifies for the next meeting.


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