Our first Spring meeting & Jeannette Walls presentation

If the cold and snow reminded us that Spring is still but a hope, our Club nevertheless began its spring season March 7 with gusto.

Shelley Youngblut, CEO of WordFest, was our guest. She invited CWLC members to visit their new premises on the 2nd Floor of the Memorial Park Library. WordFest now has its own performance space upstairs. She impressively listed off many events for March/April (starting this Friday). Another good reason to get out of hibernation!

Upcoming events at WordFest

Our President Margaret invites us to CWLC’s Spring Luncheon and AGM. Please note: It will be held on WEDNESDAY, April 26 at the Calgary Golf & Country Club. The cost is $40 per person (see Della Mae for payment).

CWLC is in Avenue Magazine this March, under “5 Book Clubs You Should Join.”  What an honor!

Mary Carwardine gave a truly delightful presentation on her favorite author, Jeannette Walls. Jeannette’s memoir and subsequent books deal with heartbreaking stories of childhood neglect, offset by human resilience and forgiveness. Jeannette Walls is a truly inspirational author and individual.

Read more about Jeannette Walls here.


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