Special offer for CWLC members to attend Barbara Gowdy’s event May 18

Our friends at WordFest are extending an offer to our members! Barbara Gowdy is in Calgary on May 18 with her new book, Little Sister. If you are a CWLC member, please contact cwlc1906@gmail.com to take advantage of their offer.

For anyone:

Visit WordFest for event details

“With Little Sister, without a doubt Gowdy renews her reputation as one of Canada’s most innovative writers…. Gowdy’s descriptions of Rose occupying Harriet while retaining her own consciousness are remarkably similar to what it is, in the most magical moments of writing, to embody a character.” —Zoe Whittall, Literary Review of Canada, Barbara Gowdy




Tying up our 2016-17 Season with a Bow

Photo of CWLC Guest Speaker Shelley Youngblut, WordFest CEO, at 2017 CWLC Luncheon

Shelley Youngblut, WordFest CEO and Guest Speaker at 2017 CWLC Luncheon

In the gorgeous setting at the Calgary Golf and Country Club on April 26, we shared lunch and stories at tables given a  decorative touch by CWLC members. We were thoroughly entertained by our guest speaker, Shelley Youngblut. We closed out with a brief Annual General Meeting in which CWLC President Margaret Sparkes tied the year up with a lovely bow, highlighting how this year’s theme of Favorite Authors gave us an insight into those who presented, through their choices. Margaret has led a very successful year for our Club, with the introduction of several new members. This event gave us a great chance to get to know each other better.

Shelley Youngblut, our guest speaker, presented her personal literary crush, George Saunders. That’s a significant recommendation, coming from the CEO and Creative Ringleader of WordFest, who must be in the know about dozens (or more) contemporary authors and their work! Sometimes Shelley is lucky enough to spend time with authors “up close and personal”, as she has with George Saunders. Shelley was captivated, not only by his writing but also by the warmth and magnetism of his personality.

 Here is one of the many anecdotes Shelley shared with us.
George Saunders followed some advice he had read, from another author: Dedicate three months to working on a new book. The author’s theory was that pursuing something (anything) for three months is long enough to make headway but short enough to let it go with little regret if it comes to naught. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! The technique worked and Saunders published a very successful book. Interestingly, Saunders met the writer sometime later and explained how well the three-month advice had worked for him. To Saunders’ surprise, the other author revealed he never actually used the technique himself! Nonetheless, Shelley and many others in the room believed the concept could be effective for a lot of our “I would someday like to…” wishes.
What a fun, upbeat, motivating way to celebrate our latest season!

Special Invitation from WordFest to CWLC members for March 23

We (WordFest) are having an event next Thursday evening in our Engagement Lab at Memorial Park library and wanted to extend an invitation to your members.  Cecilia Ekback is a Swedish mystery writer, whose first book was published to wide acclaim. She’ll be at Wordfest presenting her new novel, The Midnight Sun.

To obtain WordFest’s complimentary tickets for CWLC members, please email cwlc1906@gmail.com

Thanks, WordFest!

Our first Spring meeting & Jeannette Walls presentation

If the cold and snow reminded us that Spring is still but a hope, our Club nevertheless began its spring season March 7 with gusto.

Shelley Youngblut, CEO of WordFest, was our guest. She invited CWLC members to visit their new premises on the 2nd Floor of the Memorial Park Library. WordFest now has its own performance space upstairs. She impressively listed off many events for March/April (starting this Friday). Another good reason to get out of hibernation!

Upcoming events at WordFest

Our President Margaret invites us to CWLC’s Spring Luncheon and AGM. Please note: It will be held on WEDNESDAY, April 26 at the Calgary Golf & Country Club. The cost is $40 per person (see Della Mae for payment).

CWLC is in Avenue Magazine this March, under “5 Book Clubs You Should Join.”  What an honor!

Mary Carwardine gave a truly delightful presentation on her favorite author, Jeannette Walls. Jeannette’s memoir and subsequent books deal with heartbreaking stories of childhood neglect, offset by human resilience and forgiveness. Jeannette Walls is a truly inspirational author and individual.

Read more about Jeannette Walls here.


GG David Johnston, Wed Sept 28


Another great opportunity for us!

At the end of this month, Wordfest will be presenting Governor General David Johnston, also the author of The Idea of Canada: Letters to a Nation.

This is a free event but you must reserve a seat.

In addition, WordFest is encouraging Calgarians to invite any new Canadians they might know.

For more information or to reserve a seat at this WordFest event, click here.