Jane Urquhart: One of the best, but underrated, Canadian authors

By John Carter in 2010,
Wikimedia Commons, CC by 2.5

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in adding Jane Urquhart to my reading list, after attending Sandra’s presentation to CWLC on March 20th!

Using fascinating images to illustrate her talk, Sandra shared her admiration of the author’s mastery of sense of place and characterizations. Sandra revealed common themes interwoven through Jane Urquhart’s body of work.


I was left with the strong impression that Jane Urquhart’s works help readers “live” history, in the way only good historical fiction can. It will help us better preserve our past and understand who we were and who we are. I can hardly wait to read one of her novels this Fall!

Please read Sandra’s Presentation Summary for a lot more!


Updates to our 2018-2019 Lineup

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If you’ve checked our Fall Lineup recently, you will want to check it again!

Our Season’s Opener is now: The Evolution of Humor & Its Role in Society & Literature, presented by our Program Chair, Mary Carwardine. We will still enjoy Anne Tingle’s presentation on Aristophanes on  November 20.

We also have author and playwright Clem Martini confirmed for our Spring Luncheon.

Change is the spice of life! Click here for the updated Program.

Ready for the Fall season?

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Hello and Happy Autumn!   I am sending this short note to remind you of our first CWLC meeting on OCTOBER 2, 2018.  I look forward to seeing everyone after what seems like a very long break as I know there will be much to share over coffee and dainties before we begin our formal meeting.  I’m also very much looking forward to pursuing the theme that Mary Carwardine, our Program Chair, has prepared.  “The Role of Humor, Irony & Satire in Literature” is an intriguing topic that promises to also provide some fun and laughter: a precious thing in these unpredictable and sometimes frightening times! I wish you each a lovely last few September days…now onward to making all that zucchini bread and crabapple jam that comes with autumn!  Cheers,

Doloris Duval

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Anne Tyler and 23 books, so far

Anne Tingle, a self-proclaimed kindred spirit of the author Anne Tyler, read or re-read all 23 books to prepare for today’s presentation. (Wow!)

Anne Tyler was the perfect subject for this week’s meeting, following upon Margaret’s presentation last week of another quintessential domestic novelist, Jane Austen.

Anne Tingle’s candid book reviews of Tyler’s oeuvre gave each of us at least one more book we will want to read. Thanks, A.T. x 2

For more insights into Anne Tyler, please read Anne Tingle’s Anne Tyler Summary