Together, in person, at last!

We may still be wearing our masks, but to be together in person was a breath of fresh air!

Amazingly, we have run meetings virtually for the whole of President Robin’s two-year tenure. This AGM was her first – and last – in-person meeting to chair. That might be something for the record books! With Moorea, our incoming 2022-24 President, they have hosted our online meetings and socials with panache. An unexpected silver lining has been the return of some former members who can join us online, but not in person. We look forward to new adventures in the fall!

The Calgary Golf and Country Club has been our venue of choice for this event for many years, and for many good reasons. We love its friendly staff, a-room-with-a-view, and scrumptious buffet lunch! Thank you!

Doloris decorated the tables, with cheerful spring tulips.

Cecilia began our meal with a blessing, which was so perfect for the times that many guests have asked for it to be shared. Click here and scroll to the third prayer.

Sarah Meilleur, CEO of the Calgary Public Library

Sarah Meilleur was joined by her colleagues Alexandra Runge (Calgary Library Foundation) and Leah McLeod (Memorial Park Library.) Sarah revealed how unreal it felt when she, by herself, was locking the front door to shutter our architectural marvel from Calgarians for an unknown time. That meant shutting out over 20,0000 Calgarians who enter our libraries each day! She then astonished us with stories of how library staff did somersaults to find ways to provide Calgarians service in new ways. They not only landed on their feet, but they won the Urban Libraries Association (North America) Innovators Award in 2020.

The excitement and pleasure of being together at last was remarkable. Lovely outfits have finally seen the light of day again! (The photographer botched some shots: Her apologies that a few attendees are not in the slideshow!)

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