Precise Language is Important

This excerpt is from Lois Cutler’s presentation to the Club entitled Notes, Memories, and Comments on The Calgary Women’s Literary Club, which celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Club (March 2, 1982).

“Mrs. J.E. Dunlop was secretary for 1920-21.  On November 9, 1920, she wrote that the Club had met in the Library at 3:00, half an hour earlier than usual, to give the members an opportunity to attend the reception for Mrs. Meighen.  “The meeting closed at 3:57, and members hustled to the Palliser.”  The following week she reported:  “Minutes read and adopted with the exception of one word, “hustle.”  The dictionary says the word means ‘to move with attempted haste, or to shabble hurriedly.’  Certainly the members did not shamble hurriedly:  the members of the CWLC are not so lacking in dignity.  Did they move with attempted haste?  In view of the undignified meaning one might take, the secretary begs to submit the words “expeditiously departed; but fearful of the consequences, the secretary hesitates to make the correction without the approval of the president and members.  The minutes in question would then read as follows:  The meeting closed at 3:57 p.m., the president and members expeditiously departed for the Palliser.”

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Where they expeditiously departed from.

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