Margaret Brown: 1930-2016

On June 5, 2016, former Calgary Women’s Literary Club (CWLC) member Margaret Brown passed away in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her extensive obituary appeared in the Calgary Herald of Wednesday, June 8 and made mention of her membership in our club after she married her second husband, Bob Brown, in 1994 and moved to Calgary.

Among our group, her loss will be felt most keenly by Ruth Hilland, who was her sister-in-law by marriage and who introduced her to the CWLC. According to Ruth, Margaret loved being a member of our group and was Treasurer for a number of years. As anyone who remembers Margaret can attest, she presented some outstanding papers, including one on author Carol Shields, who was a personal friend, and her final presentation in our 2006/07 year on the arctic explorer Sir john Franklin.

In spite of a long-standing heart condition, Margaret led a remarkable life that included raising six children, earning a Certificate of Education followed by a Master of Science at the University of Manitoba, running her own clothing design and construction company, and serving as a consultant/designer to a popular CBC program. At the age of 60, Margaret accepted a position of Professor of Home Economics at the University of Swaziland and spent four years in Africa.

Margaret was an intelligent, accomplished, stylish woman, who was a tremendous asset to the CWLC. It was a privilege to know her.

Please click on this link to read the complete obituary in the Calgary Herald

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