What Sue Carscallen unearthed at the Glenbow Archives

Archives photo by Samuel Zeller (CC0 1.0, Unsplash)

Archives photo by Samuel Zeller (CC0 1.0, Unsplash)

Sue gave a marvelous presentation on our Club’s interesting past, gleaned from its archives. (What other book club do you know submits its Minutes to Provincial archives and has done so for over 100 years?).

The photographs she took of discoveries in the archives, shared in her PowerPoint presentation, are treasures themselves!

Sue’s no stranger to exhaustive research, having edited and published her Great Aunt’s journals, originally written in Russian and French. Check out Sue’s website: A Countess in Limbo

To learn more:  CWLC Archives at the Glenbow

Historic Calgary Week

From Margaret Sparkes:

More free publicity for the Calgary Women’s Literary Club! The Calgary Herald of Tuesday, July 26, contained an article titled “First city library revealed” as part of a series of articles on Historic Calgary Week, which runs from July 22 to August 1.


In a brief overview of events taking place on July 26, they included the following.


“Catch the Cowtown Opera perform the story of how Annie Davidson and the Calgary Women’s Literary Club fought to start the city’s library system at the First Baptist Church on 4 Street S.W. from 2 p.m. to 2:45.


“Then, take a tour of Calgary’s first library – funded by Andrew Carnegie – at 3:30, starting at Central Memorial Park’s Boxwood Café.”


I might add that the tour was being guided by our old friend Marj Wing, who was the library’s representative responsible for Memorial Park Library until her recent retirement.


“Our History” Page

Please visit or revisit “Our History” web Page above, which has just been enhanced by Ruth Hilland.

As you read the impressive history of our Club, be aware that its founder, Annie Davidson, was a sixty-eight year old widow and mother of ten! The Calgary Public Library, as part of its Report to the Community in 2012 (its centenary) dedicated Page 26 to “The Dream of Annie Davidson”. If you click on the link below, scroll through the document to Pages 26 and 27.

Click to access Report-to-the-Community-2012.pdf




Welcome to The Calgary Women’s Literary Club website and our first Post! In 1906 the first members saw the need for a library in their pioneer community. Their efforts led to the building of the gorgeous sandstone library building, now known as the Memorial Park Branch, in 1912.

Women who love literature still meet regularly in this historic building, in the heart of modern-day Calgary, one hundred and eight years later.

Welcome to our “Book Club with a Difference”!