Screwball Dramedies of the 21st Century

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On March 7, we gathered at the Library with old and new friends for the first CWLC meeting of 2023. It was great to see everyone.

Member Betty S. gave the a presentation on author Gary Shteyngart. Mr. Shteyngart’s work includes nonfiction, fiction, and scripts for television (Succession). Betty described his novels as screwball comedies of the 21st Century, but noted that they provide insight into the pitfalls of our time that may not be funny at all.

Betty started reading this author after she read a New York Times Book Review of Lake Success (2018). Her favourite Shteyngart work was his memoir Little Failure, which was what his parent’s called him. Betty discussed the author’s early years in the USSR, followed by his life in the “Technicolor pool” of the USA. She also gave a reading from Lake Success.

The author’s other novels are: The Russian Debutante’s Handbook (2002), Absurdistan (2006), and Our Country Friends (2021). In answer to an audience question, Betty said that if she was giving this author an award, it would be for his use of language, “clever, and when not clever, funny”.

Thanks to Betty for a great introduction to Gary Shteyngart and a great start to the year.

Next week, member Anita M. will present on author Elizabeth Strout (author webpage:

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