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On November 16th, 2021 CWLC Archivist Sandra E. gave a presentation on the history of the club, with emphasis on the presentation topics of the past. Sandra reminded us that since 1906, CWLC members have shared a love of reading and a knowledge of the world outside Calgary.

In the early years, Shakespeare and Browning were common topics. Then, other authors and topics began to appear. Authors such as Galsworthy were contemporary, not historical, when they were first discussed by members.

In the current era of our club, we discuss the works of a single author. In the past, members’ presentations were not always limited to specific authors or books, but included social and cultural events. In a time when travel outside of Canada, topics such as “Mrs. Palmer’s trip to the Old Country” are also found in the archives.

For more information on our club history, click here: https://calgarywomensliteraryclub.com/about-us-then-our-proud-history/

In addition, selected records of the CWLC can be found in the Glenbow Archives.

After Sandra’s presentation, Shawna M. (your blogger) gave a brief presentation on the CWLC website.

Shawna M.

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