Janet Frame – Between the Inner and Outer Worlds

Member Sandra E. described Janet Frame’s work as exploring the dichotomy between the inner and outer worlds in her October 19th, 2021 presentation on the New Zealand author. Ms. Frame is known for her fictional work “Owls Do Cry”, her autobiography ” An Angel at My Table” and her short stories.

Photo by Agto Nugroho on Unsplash

While Ms. Frame had mental health challenges, Sandra emphasized that she should be recognized for sensitive literary work rather than be defined by her personal circumstances. Frequently drawing on the naive perspective of children, Ms. Frame showcases the dichotomy between what is said and what is meant.

Sandra read from the short story “You Are Now Entering the Human Heart”, which uses metaphor to describe the petty cruelties people inflict on each other.

Shawna M.

Sandra’s summary can be found here: https://calgarywomensliteraryclub.com/janet-frame/

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