Our season almost over, a new one to begin

The challenge is on for me to find an equivalent sign en français, as I take a sabbatical for a month! I will miss our wonderful Spring Luncheon/AGM! Mostly, I will miss my wonderful friends at CWLC as we all drift about in various directions for the summer.

I’m remiss in keeping up to posting the many funny presentations this year — NOTE: As in hilarious! After I’ve relaxed and rewound, I’ll be a powerhouse! Thanks to all who shared outstanding humour, satire and irony — their own as well as the authors they presented. What an upbeat year! Next year, armchair travels…

Janet H

One thought on “Our season almost over, a new one to begin

  1. Well said, Janet. I hope you have a marvelous holiday. Like you, I can’t wait for the club to start up again in October. Happy reading to all our presenters in 2019/2020.

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