Discovering Orson Scott Card

Della Mae is behind the collection of Orson Scott Card books.

On Tuesday, October 24, Flora Spackman gave her paper on Orson Scott Card.  She brought 45 of his over 70 books and interspersed her remarks with a video presentation of an interview with Mr. Card about writing.

Orson Scott Card, in describing his writing, has said that fiction can be (indeed always is) a kind of pulpit.  What the storyteller believes about the way the world works, about what is good and important and true–and what is evil and distracting and false, will always show up in his stories.  He said, “Stories can be constructed in such a way that they entertain even as they teach–because without that level of entertainment, the audience doesn’t stick around to learn.”

We had that element of entertainment at the Calgary Women’s Literary Club meeting on Tuesday, October 24 as Flora delighted us and informed us about Orson Scott Card and his storytelling.  Her delivery and infectious enthusiasm charmed us, once again, and may have prompted a whole new readership for Card’s books.  At the end of her presentation, Flora gave each member a copy of one of Orson Scott Card’s most popular novels:  Ender’s Game, winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards.

Della Mae Wood

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