Reflections: CWLC’s 2014-2016 Biennium

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As we are on the verge today of a new Biennium, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past two years, expertly guided by Lillian Tickles,  CWLC President 2014-16.

Thank you, Lillian, for two active years building on CWLC’s proud foundation!

Reflections on the CWLC 2014-2016 Biennium

As my term in the role of president for the Calgary Women’s Literary Club 2014-16 biennium draws to a close, I reflect on an experience that has been particularly rewarding. Ruth Hilland, past president, and inspiring mentor smoothed the transition. Her ten years as a member provided an invaluable reservoir of information, which she willingly shared as the biennium unfolded. Her commitment to promoting membership in the club became a goal that I could happily continue to champion. Toward that endeavor, we began by announcing in Swerve magazine, the date, time and venue of our weekly meetings. We encouraged guests and prospective members to enjoy tea/coffee prior to the brief meeting and formal program presentation. Enrollment almost doubled. New members brought a variety of literary backgrounds and fresh ideas regarding program themes.

A committee reviewed the CWLC constitution and worked diligently to update it under the heading of Principles and Guidelines. Copies of the revised document were distributed to members.

The issue of limited parking availability in the vicinity of the Memorial Park Branch Public Library (our meeting location) coupled with weather concerns, prompted us to re-examine our calendar. Consequently, we concluded that the months of October/November and March/April would be more accommodating. The shift had merit. No February winter worries, more opportunities for members to enjoy “snowbird” travels to warmer climes, and more consistent attendance at our meetings. Parking near Memorial Park remains a challenge.

The efforts of each member who presented a paper, deserve a special note. Where possible, the author being discussed was invited to attend when his/her work was the topic of the day. For the second year of my biennium, we chose “Recognized Local Authors” as our focus and were fortunate to meet some of them in person.

The development of our CWLC website continues to flourish with two of our members as co-webmasters. Brief author biographies, summaries of papers presented, history of the club and announcements, can all be accessed by members and the public-at-large.

In 2016 our CWLC celebrated the 110th anniversary of its founder, Annie Davidson. Together with the other women in the CWLC, she was a powerful influence in the building of the first Calgary Public Library.

We look forward to working with Margaret Sparkes in her presidency of the 2016-18 biennium.

Happy, engaging reading to all!

Lillian Tickles

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