Lillian Tickles, President, officially opens this CWLC website!

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We are now officially communicative via the CWLC website. Thank you to our webmaster, Janet Halls.

With 11 new members, and the continued commitment of those who have contributed to our program over the years, the CWLC is off to an exciting 2014-15 year. Our theme and focus, “authors who have won the Nobel prize for literature”, opened with a presentation by Dr. Kit Dobson, of MRU. His insight into the politics of awarding literary prizes was very enlightening. In October, we were also privileged to visit the Taylor Family Digital Library, where Andrea Murray, curator of rare books and manuscripts, provided a display of the works of Alice Munroe, Nobel prize winner in 2014. Ms. Murray’s presentation enhanced our appreciation of the many volumes penned by Alice Munroe.

Other meetings in October and November provided opportunities for us to hear stimulating talks by our members who had reviewed the writings of Steinbeck, Saul Bellow and Wole Soyinka.
The first half of the year has been both scholarly and entertaining. We look forward to the second half of our year, beginning in March 2015, when we will learn about other authors who have won the Nobel award for Literature.

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