Jane Austen and Harper Lee


Photo by Sam Wheeler on Unsplash

Having enjoyed two incredible presentations on these authors last year by Margaret and Cecilia, it was interesting to read two newspaper articles:

Unique Glimpse of Harper Lee by Will Lester, Calgary Herald, July 15, 2017, describes a new book called Mockingbird Songs, by Wayne Flynt (Harper Collins).

Today (July 18, 2017) in the National Post there’s an interesting article, A roof of one’s own: The Residences and Nascent Feminism of Jane Austen by Sharon Lindores. It is based on speakers taking part in a bicentenary celebration of Jane Austen.

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How much do we really know about Jane Austen?

Jane Austen is beloved by so many readers, you would think many facts would be known about her. Margaret’s presentation November 15 revealed an author about whom much has had to be interpreted, largely through the author’s correspondence and an understanding of the times she lived in.


We learned that Jane Austen only came to be considered a great writer since the 1940’s. She never sat for a true portrait: The drawing here by James Andrews of Maidenhead is based on an unfinished work by her sister Cassandra Austen (Wikimedia Commons).

You won’t want to miss Margaret’s summary of Jane Austen and her works:

Jane Austen Summary