Sally Gallinari

Sally on left, with Helle at our 2017 Christmas Party

Sally Gallinari has been a Club member since 1976, and still active on the Board this season. On her Curriculum Vitae, she has the following presentation credits to her name: Samuel Johnson, Henry Fielding, Canada: 1925 to 1980, Patrick White, Anatole France, Jane Austen, Eugene O’Neill, Introduction to Mystery Writers, Alexander Pushkin, W.J. Bates, Naguib Mahfouz, Noel Coward, Gabrielle Roy and James Thurber!

Our heartfelt sympathy goes to her family and friends, among whom are the members of the Calgary Women’s Literary Club. Sally Gallinari’s service will be held Friday morning, May 4th.

Sally Gallinari Obituary







Carol Blyth

Photo by Laura Goodsell on Unsplash

As a new member in 2012, Carol Blyth was one of the first members I met. She was Secretary of the Club and we both proudly shared our Canadian-Icelandic heritage. She was always interested in others, and I realize now in reading the tribute to Carol in The Calgary Herald that I never asked her nearly enough about her own life.

What a life she had, and how much she has contributed!


Carol Blyth Obituary


Beirut Movie Passes for CWLC

Movie poster of Beirut

As announced Tuesday, Elevation Pictures has very kindly offered CWLC five FREE double passes (10 tickets) to its latest release! You can see any viewing: Why not coordinate with others from CWLC?

Contact or call Janet, if you would like a double pass. We await reviews!

Synopsis: In 1980s Beirut, Mason Skiles is a former U.S. diplomat who is called back into service to save a colleague from the group that is possibly responsible for his own family’s death. Meanwhile, a CIA field agent who is working undercover at the American embassy is tasked with keeping Mason alive and ensuring that the mission is a success.


Bruce Hunter: CPL’s 2017 Author in Residence


Photo of Bruce Hunter

From website:

On November 21, 2017, we were so lucky to welcome the Calgary Public Library’s Author in Residence, Bruce Hunter, in his last week of tenure!

Rosemary Griebel, Director of Reading Services of the CPL introduced us to this award-winning writer of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essays and interviews. The Library is celebrating the 30th year of this outstanding program, and as Author in Residence for the last three months, Bruce has been offering public programs and readings. He also mentors aspiring writers, providing advice and feedback on their manuscripts. Our community has benefitted greatly: Bruce Hunter is renowned in Canada for his support of emerging and established authors.

Especially for those who were not with us – and even for those who were — please click here for an interview which highlights his strength of character.

Interview with Bruce Hunter

There is nothing like seeing Bruce Hunter in person, to appreciate the spirit of this inspiring author.

And click below, to find out what Bruce shared on November 21st – at least as captured by hand-written notes.

Bruce Hunter Presentation Summary


Haruki Marakami: Realistic Fantasist?

Embed from Getty Images

Halloween must have gotten in my way (ahem… excuses, excuses)!

In any event, it is high time I add Shawna’s Presentation Summary of an author perfect to be introduced on Halloween — or anytime: Haruki Marakami.

Mr. Marakami is a contemporary Japanese author of surreal fiction. Shawna described a classic Murakami story: A Japanese “everyman”, often single, who doesn’t quite fit into society, who will encounter a fantastic situation, such as a secret underground laboratory, a man possessed by a malevolent sheep, a man who can talk to cats. The protagonist never doubts the existence of the fantastic things but is skeptical about the real world.

Intrigued? We were!

Click here for more on this fascinating author!

Our secret

As I am in the throes of finishing my presentation for this Tuesday, I am truly experiencing our “Book Club with a Difference!” That is, I have 8 books which have now been on my kitchen table for weeks, along with the computer. These books are marked up with stickies (Library books) or marked excessively with a yellow highlighter (my collection). I’m lucky it’s only 8:  Flora recently presented Orson Scott Card with a body of work of over 70 books. She had personally read over 40 and brought them to her presentation! [Rest assured: 4 to 5 books suffice for a presentation to the Club.] In spite of the hours spent reading, researching, re-reading and composing my talk, I know I have gained hugely by the effort. My knowledge of an author, normally based on what the cover states, is now in-depth. I have found out fascinating things about Italy in modern times. I have looked at these books to try to understand the craft of writing. Had I not been presenting this author, I would have still loved reading the books, but now the experience is in technicolor, not in black & white.

Click here for Janet’s Presentation Summary

Rich presentations are what this Club is all about, and both presenters and audience are the winners. You will gain a broader reading list, guaranteed!

The 2018-19 season beginning October will open up literature’s treasure trove of “Humour, Irony, and Satire”. Mary has collected a surprising list of the most diverse authors imaginable, for us all, and particularly as a guide to those to be presenting. How lucky you will be to pick “your own” author (from Mary’s list or your own choice) and share your insights with those of us who are lucky enough to be in the audience!  And as for stage fright? Of course, we all have it! But a kinder more receptive audience one cannot find. In other words, please sign up for next season’s slate, especially if you haven’t presented within the last two years!

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