Will Ferguson presented by Flora Spackman

Your Webnovice Janet recommends that you never miss an opportunity to hear Will Ferguson, live! 

Mr. Ferguson is arguably one of the most successful writers in Canada today.  He is well-known for his humourous observations on Canadian history and culture.  He has written 18 books in three different genres: Canadian history and observations, novels and travel writing.  He has won awards for his books in each of these genres.  Flora talked about each one of these categories and read excerpts from various books to give us an idea of Ferguson’s writing:  Why I Hate Canadians, The Penguin Anthology of Canadian Humour, Bastards and Boneheads:  Canada’s Glorious Leaders Past and Present (affectionately now known in our book club as “B&B”), Canadian Pie, Canadian History for Dummies, The Girlfriend’s Guide to Hockey, Happiness TM,  and Road Trip Rwanda.  We laughed.  We cried.  A 6 minute television interview with Mr. Ferguson about his book, Road Trip Rowanda, was shown.

The video magically appears here!


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